Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Makeup in New YorK CIty

What you'll want to know about semi-permanent makeup

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How are semi-permanent cosmetic procedures performed?

Semi-permanent cosmetic treatments are performed using various devices, including traditional tattoo coil machines, pen or rotary machines (including the digital rotary machines), as well as hand tools. Our process includes a complimentary consultation and the application of pigment.  For best results, we recommend at least one or more follow-up visits to ensure proper healing, the quality of our design work, and the color of the pigment.

How Long will my 
Semi-permanent makeup last?

This varies from client to client. For example, if you have dark hair, it may last longer than for a fair-haired client. Some pigment will remain in the skin permanently but will gradually fade over time. The color will start to fade as the skin exfoliates. We recommend a color boost between six and 12 months after your initial appointment to maintain freshness. Aftercare, medical conditions, and medicines can also cause pigment to fade faster.

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